Top BiC Us. Blade Starter Kit Silver – 2ct


BiC Us. Blade Starter Kit Silver – 2ct Review:

Meet Us. A brand new premium unisex grooming line for both men and women. Our razor gives you an ultra-close smooth and comfortable shave with high-quality blades made to glide over the contours of chins knees ankles and everything in between. Here’s what we love about this razor — not only does it have five flexible blades but it also has a lubrication strip infused with aloe and vitamin E to give you a smooth glide during your shave and less irritation after you’re finished. When you pick up our handle you’ll notice it’s a hefty premium metal handle which gives you better control while you shave. (The more you know huh?) Flip the razor over and you’ll find an edging blade that’s great for precision shaving areas like sideburns around your nose and fingers and toes. Sound good? Let’s get you started. Each Us razor starter kit comes with a fresh handle and two replacement razor heads. Need a re-up? Our refills are available in 4 packs. Join Us. You’ll like Us.