Discounts 6pc Hempstead Towel Set – Loft By Loftex


6pc Hempstead Towel Set – Loft By Loftex Review:

HEMPSTEAD – Hemp fiber has existed for thousands of years. Hemp is a sustainable fast-growing plant that requires little water is naturally pest resistant and returns approximately 60-70percent of its nutrients back to the soil. New engineering technology has enabled us to blend hemp with cotton and recycled polyester fibers to create a dream towel that is full bodied durable and extremely soft. It is also more absorbent and quicker drying than a comparable 100percent cotton towel. We rmend washing a new towel before first use in a gentle cycle. Always tumble dry your towels in low heat. Avoid fabric softeners and bleaching liquids as they will coat the fibers and reduce absorbency. Keep your towels away from household cleaners or cosmetic products that contain benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids to avoid spotting or bleaching the towel. Do not wash the towels with harsh textiles such as denim or wool as it can lead to piling. To extend the life of your towel we rmend you only wash it with other towels. If a loop is snagged just cut it with a scissor. Do not pull snagged loops. Oeko-Tex Certified. Pattern: Solid.